The Vested Group offers a Systematic Approach

We work with you to put together a team of key players to support the success of your implementation.  Our staffing strategy is unique - our consultants primarily work remotely so travel and other related expenses are not passed along to you.  This approach also allows our consultants to work on multiple projects so you are only billed for the hours dedicated to your project rather than a straight 40 hour work week that is typically billed with other consulting firms.

We understand that your organization's resources are responsible for activities in multiple departments and time is in high demand. We respect this constraint, and our finely-tuned methodology enables us to collaborate effectively with your organization to ensure a successful NetSuite implementation. 

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Step 1: Project

  • Conduct Kickoff Meeting
  • Finalize & Publish Project Schedule
  • Requirements Definition & Design
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) Sign-off

Step 2: Solution

  • Map & Gap Against RTM
  • Identify Solutions for Gaps
    • Custom Development
    • Phase Two Initiative
    • Business Process Change
  • Business Flow Recommendation


Step 3: Application Configuration

  • System Setup
  • Extended Prototyping
  • Develop Test Scripts
  • Initiate Data Cleansing
  • Conversion Routines
The Vested Group

Step 4: Testing and Preparation

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Full Life Cycle Simulations
  • End User Training

Step 5: Deployment & Support

  • Setup Production Environment
  • Convert Live Data
  • GO - LIVE!
  • Post Go-Live Support
  • Project Closeout

Before You Go - More Resources for Your Success

Make sure you join the NetSuite Knowledge Base and subscribe to The Vested Group Blog for a couple of valuable sources of tips, tricks, and industry news at your fingertips.  The Vested Group's NetSuite Knowledge Base can be found at and it is free to join! Visit The Vested Group Blog at: and subscribe to email updates while you are there.