Today's agriculture industry, including grain milling and biofuel sectors, demands that you stay your most competitive, and NetSuite enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provides you with the edge you need. Our solution, inGRAINED, is built on the NetSuite platform and helps grain centered companies of all sizes streamline processes and become more efficient. We tailor it to match your unique requirements with solutions designed precisely for your industry and organization.



Cloud ERP That Supports The Nation’s Agricultural Sector

Agriculture, food and related industries contribute more than $1 trillion to U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) annually, with America’s farms contributing $132.8 billion to this sum or roughly 1% of the nation’s GDP.

Within this sector, grain milling represents a growing industry that’s ripe for a technological overhaul. Most grain in the U.S. is used as animal feed, while slightly less is converted into ethanol.

Catering to the Agricultural Community

Focusing solely on NetSuite solutions, The Vested Group has worked with a number of grain milling operations and related agricultural entities in developing our inGRAINED solution. This expertise allows The Vested Group to address the unique set of challenges companies in this market segment face.

The Vested Group is equally well-equipped to handle the demands and complexities that much larger grain related companies face and can also facilitate a successful NetSuite implementation for larger organizations.


The Vested Group is NetSuite's number one partner in the agriculture space.


“Here at The Vested Group, we provide a high-level of service to agricultural companies whose existing systems keep them from growing and serving their customers.

We work with NetSuite to develop solutions like Grain Accounting, Inventory Traceability, Scale Integration and Commodity Management on a unified platform to provide a complete, scalable solution that helps our customers make order out of chaos.”

Joel Patterson
Founder, The Vested Group

A man who offers grain industry cloud ERP

A Dedicated Agriculture ERP Software Platform

  • Procedural record entry and processing to account for grain discounts, inbound/outbound shipments and grains unit of measure conversion.
  • Grain billing and invoicing directly integrated with scale measurement shipments.
  • Auto-generated lot numbering system using Julian date codes.
  • Automated first-in, first-out (FIFO) logic for material quantity consumption.
  • Lot traceability from raw material receipt to finished product shipment.
  • Mark-to-market solution to revalue grain inventory on-hand for a defined period.

What NetSuite Agriculture Management ERP Can Do for You

The NetSuite platform offers many features you can use to improve the way you run your business and help the company grow. We'll scale your software to match the size of your organization and provide support as your needs change and your demands increase.

Some of the processes you can optimize using grain milling and biofuel manufacturing ERP software include:

  • Accounting management: Connect your core accounting capabilities seamlessly with real-time insights and detailed analytics.
  • Quality assurance: Develop advanced quality inspection processes and criteria, manage the testing process and monitor the results.
  • Financial planning: Create accurate short-term, long-term and rolling financial plans using resources for generating and testing forecasts.
  • Financial consolidation: Consolidate multi-currency and multi-language income statements, balance sheets and other financial reports.
  • Customer resource management (CRM): Automate and improve your CRM capabilities to strengthen relationships and drive more sales.
  • Crops management: Manage a wide range of different production tasks, including tilling, planting, fertilization, irrigation, harvest and shipping.
  • Crop demand: Make accurate predictions for upcoming crop demand and plan for adequate inventory using data based on historical demand.
  • Product distribution: Improve end-to-end distribution for agricultural products with advanced distribution tools.


Learn More About NetSuite for Agriculture

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Take a look at a real-world example of how our Grain Milling expertise helped a local company.

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The Phased Approach

The Vested Group offers the following implementation approaches:

Phase Zero

A unique service offered by The Vested Group, Phase Zero ensures that your company has a successful implementation. Phase Zero is specifically structured to walk your organization through planning and analysis steps that will identify current processes, define and prioritize system requirements, create future state process flows to gain consensus on your most important functions and review your company’s legacy data and conversions needs to ensure success.


The Vested Group offers full-scale implementation services combining NetSuite’s best practices with experience and project management skills to complete a successful implementation tailored to the specific needs of your business. The Vested Group takes a collaborative approach with your team to ensure that your implementation is done in a timely manner while still allowing them to perform their regular duties with minimal interruption.


Companies take a “crawl, walk, run” approach when implementing a new system with The Vested Group. After the initial project is complete, there is usually a list of high value items that were excluded from Phase One due to reducing cost or risk concerns. Most companies never actually complete these tasks and as a result never fulfill the vision they expected.

The Vested Group addresses this gap with its dedicated NetSuite support practice - inVESTED. The inVESTED team of NetSuite consultants will help you add new, value added functionality post go-live to ensure you get the highest return on your NetSuite investment as possible. Additionally, as your business grows and changes we will work with you to keep your business and your system in alignment.