Your Directors


Joel Patterson | Founder

Joel Patterson is the Founder of The Vested Group. He enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, catching a baseball game with friends, and exploring new music. He attributes his success to his lovely wife and his patience to his children.

Joel has over 20 years of experience in the consulting field and has held positions in prestigious firms such as Arthur Andersen and Cap Gemini. Joel was also a founder of Lucidity Consulting Group, an Oracle consulting and implementation firm that is also in the Dallas, TX area. Joel has a degree in Business Administration from Baylor University.

Joel’s focus at TVG includes helping build the organization both internally and externally. He works closely with potential clients in understanding their business processes and refining or improving their methods in conjunction with implementing NetSuite. Internally, Joel is known for his hands-on leadership and commitment to company culture.

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John Mack | Managing Director

John Mack is a Director at The Vested Group and has over ten years of experience in implementing, managing, and supporting ERP applications. His industry experience focuses on heavy manufacturing, industrial products, service, and construction establishments. John’s strengths lie in understanding the core distribution and manufacturing business processes and the ability to translate that into available functionality to meet specific client requirements. John has a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University.

John leads The Vested Group’s NetSuite support practice, inVESTED. He dedicates his time to providing current NetSuite customers with high quality, timely solutions using an effective and easy to use support model.

John likes spending his free time on the golf course, watching sports, or enjoying quality time with his family.

Your Behind the Scenes Team

This is where it all begins - TVG's Admin crew can get things moving forward for you.  Click on a photo below to view a team member's LinkedIn profile. When you are ready to get started or have questions about NetSuite or The Vested Group, contact us today!

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Jennifer Polk

Chief of Staff

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Staff Accountant

Denise Scarpa

Executive Assistant

Ashley Ramirez

People Coordinator

Javeria Ahmed

Accounting Manager

Shelley Fopiano

Office Manager

Your Sales & Marketing Team

TVG's Sales & Marketing team is here to grab your attention and answer all of your NetSuite questions!  Click on a photo below to view a team member's LinkedIn profile. When you are ready to get started or want to learn more about The Vested Group, contact us!

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Aprille Tenorio

Director of Marketing

Stevie Patterson

Marketing & Culture Coordinator

Jason Lavender

Director of Sales

DC Collins

Senior Sales Executive

Chris Johnson

Director of Strategy

Kira Pachall

Sales Executive

JP Mack

Client Success Manager

Bryon Barbasa

Sales Associate

Your Delivery Team

From Kick-Off to Go-Live, The Vested Group's Delivery Team will take care of you each step of the way. Learn more about our Delivery Team by clicking on the photos below to view each team member's LinkedIn profile.

David Robertson

Director of Delivery

Cindy Cline

Senior Solution Architect

Daniel Webb

Solution Architect

Matt Gregory

Senior Consultant

Brian French

Senior Consultant

Ramsha Ahmed



Pablo Dominguez

Solution Architect

Neeraj Sharma

Senior Solution Architect

Ryan Nebeker

Project Manager

Alexa Nguyen

Senior Consultant

Javier Magana

Senior Consultant

Jonny Zielinski


Tyler Shamblin



Lucia Capurro


Daniel Keough

Senior Manager

Hannah Wulz

Project Lead

Luke Stebbins

Senior Consultant

Malcolm Wiliams

Senior Consultant

Patrick King


Mike Pope

Senior Manager

Stuart Richman

Solution Architect | CPA

Josh Barnett

Senior Consultant

Dominick Stives-Mitchell

Senior Consultant

Matt Luna


Your Support & Development Team

Just because your project has wrapped up doesn't mean we are finished with you! The Vested Group's Support & Development team offers post-implementation support as well as solutions development services.  No job is too big or too small for our team!

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Terry Cole

Director - inVESTED

John Keel

Solution Architect

Casey Andrews

Senior Consultant

Janelle Rodriguez

Senior Consultant

Brandon Fuller

Senior Consultant

Damarien Tenorio

Project Management Coordinator - inVESTED

Steven Smith

Director - Development

Consuelo Gonzalez

Solution Architect

Maria Magaña

Business Intelligence Architect

Katherine Staiger


Austin Pretsch

Senior Consultant

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Senior Solution Architect

Rian Johnson

Solution Architect

Karl-Henry Martinsson

Senior Consultant

Ross Cortese

Senior Consultant

Bryn Harvey

Senior Consultant

Chris Mixon

Senior Solution Architect

Joseph Lang

Solution Architect

Kristin Squire

Senior Consultant

Cheyenne Johnson

Senior Consultant

Randy Knipe

Senior Consultant | CPA