If you need to make a change or find that something in your business processes is not quite right, The Vested Group's Development service is the perfect way to go.



Custom NetSuite Solutions for Your Business

The Vested Group's in-house development team can create personalized NetSuite enhancements or review any current scripts you have in place today, so your business flow is as efficient and effective as possible. No project is too small, and we have the flexibility to work with almost any budget. Let The Vested Group development team create the perfect solution for you.

Customized specific to your needs.

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Built for You

Is a work-around bogging you down? Are you looking for a custom report, workflow modification, or form customization? Do you need to integrate a specific program with NetSuite? Share your requirements with us and our development team will get to work on a time-saving solution. The sky's the limit.

Development Projects Include:

  • Transaction automation
  • Customized reporting and saved searches
  • Workflow modification
  • Specialized feature creation
  • Customized dashboard creation
  • Printable / digital document creation and customization
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Script Review & Tuning

Are your scripts or other customizations causing performance issues with your NetSuite environment? Have you noticed sluggish processing or reports take a long time to run? Are errors being returned when you perform certain tasks? All of these issues are common with custom scripts but they are also easily addressed with the right know-how.

If you already have customizations in place, our development team can review your scripts and offer performance enhancing solutions to ensure your processes are in the best possible shape.

Key Benefits:

  • Performance enhancement
  • Script integrity
  • Improved processing speed
  • Error reduction
  • Report acceleration
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