Seeing The Vested Group is a part of the professional services industry, this is logically one of the main industries we serve.

We face the same issues any professional services firm faces, and we naturally focus on ways to alleviate the challenges of this industry.

The Vested Group team includes members with many years of experience in several professional services areas, from large, big-name firms to small start-ups and everything in between. Professional services are the focus of our business, so it only makes sense that we can help your professional services organization improve its operations as well.

Pain Points

Pain Points

• Costing and billing
• Employee time entry and tracking
• Determining profit potential
• Project pricing

Scalable ERP Software for Professional Services Companies

NetSuite is the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for businesses offering professional services. A proven platform, NetSuite ERP works for small businesses and large firms since it's scalable to accommodate future growth. At The Vested Group, we make it easy to use NetSuite to its full potential with custom system design, simplified software implementation and expert ongoing support.

This platform is cloud-based, so there is no hardware to install or servers to manage. Users log in using any computer or mobile device connected to the internet. There, they can input data, make changes, and view comprehensive insights, all in real time. The tools available in this professional services software can help you improve your information-sharing and decision-making capabilities company-wide.


Tailored NetSuite Solutions for the Professional Services Industry

NetSuite offers multiple solutions designed to help you streamline your processes and increase data visibility across your organization. The services we provide make it easier for you to leverage these tools to your greatest advantage.


NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP for service companies offers many advanced features, including separate interfaces designed for:


  • Financial planning: You can use NetSuite ERP for intuitive financial planning, including budgeting and forecasting to reduce cycle times, increase user engagement and make informed decisions.
  • Financial management: NetSuite's financial management tools let you seamlessly connect your financial processes to view and manage activity in real time and review historical data, from consolidated financial information to specific transactions.
  • Order management: Our custom software solutions make it easy to manage customer orders. It ties all aspects of the sales process together for faster and more efficient delivery of services, benefitting the company and your customers.

Services Resources Planning

NetSuite services resources planning (SRP) solutions allow you to configure, automate and manage a range of processes, letting you dedicate more time and resources to company growth. You'll also gain access to analytical tools that deliver comprehensive data and insights to all your connected users in real time.

You can use the included features to improve how you handle:


  • Project management
  • Resource management
  • Project accounting
  • Project billing
  • Time sheet management
  • Expense management

Customer Relationship Management

Our tailored NetSuite solutions for the professional services industry include comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) software. This technology gives you a 360-degree view of customer details. You can use it to track relationships and other data throughout the entire customer life cycle and use the information to make more sales.

Some of the top advantages NetSuite CRM has to offer include:


  • More productivity
  • Better sales performance
  • Simplified customer management
  • A streamlined lead-to-close process



What Can The Vested Group Do For
Your Organization?


The Vested Group has solutions that can help your organization become more productive, profitable and efficient while delivering a better experience for your customers.












The Vested Group can help your professional services firm develop data visibility across all organizational functions especially areas so important to professional services firms. We can provide you with tools to successfully run your professional services business and enable data visibility across your entire organization.


Businesses run better when they use NetSuite. The Vested Group can help your professional services firm take full advantage of everything the platform has to offer with a tailored solution you can continuously scale to match your needs. Get in touch with our team today to schedule a software demonstration and learn more about what you can do using this technology.

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