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The ERP implementation industry has a checkered history of successes and failures. Over its history, methodology has changed and improved in fits and starts. Some programs did not work and some have worked very well. Nobody wants to be the next failure.

The strongest and most successful methodologies have survived and improved through the years. Today’s implementation does not look like implementations from 8 or 10 years ago. They are more standardized and should reflect a stronger arm by the implementation project manager.

The best firms have learned that transparent expectation setting, finding 'good projects', and strong project managers are the keys to consulting success. They have found that the roadmap to a successful ERP project is not the same from company to company but there are common themes that run through all successes.

These themes take the form of landmines to avoid and increase your opportunity for success exponentially. This guide was written from 20 years of personal work, observations of others, and experiences in the industry. It is written to help you avoid the mistakes that companies make when considering an ERP project so that you end up on the successful side of the ledger.

Learn more about common mistakes companies make before, during, and after their ERP implementation - including software selection pitfalls and common mistakes in choosing an implementation partner.

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