Electronics Recycling Software

The Vested Group’s electronics processing solution, reVESTED, is a complete business management system that addresses the complex requirements companies in the electronics refurbishing, recycling and distributing industry face. We understand your unique needs and business processes and have built an end-to-end solution on the NetSuite platform that is integrated with NetSuite's market-leading cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Do More With reVESTED Advanced Inventory Management for Electronics

Companies often have a high turnover for electronics and other IT assets. The volume of products they go through places incredibly high demands on recycling firms. reVESTED cloud-based ERP software is the industry's leading and most innovative solution.

reVESTED is a comprehensive information technology asset disposition (ITAD) software system built on the NetSuite platform and designed for electronics recycling. This scalable solution is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It offers multiple tools that you can use to streamline your processes, maximize production, and improve your bottom line.

The reVESTED solution is made up of several modules. Each module offers access to various unique features, and you can include one or all of them based on your needs. Here are the different modules available:

Continue reading below to learn more about the full capabilities for each module and the different benefits each has to offer.

cloud-based erp software for IT asset disposition

Is It Time to Upgrade Your E-waste Management Software?

Using NetSuite’s powerfully flexible platform, reVESTED is the only business software you will need to manage your electronics refurbishing, recycling, and redistributing organization. With the power of NetSuite, reVESTED resolves your most complicated business challenges and brings simplicity and clarity to your operation.

  • Can your current system scale as your throughput increases?
  • Do you have the visibility you need into the devices in your warehouse? Does each of them have a path and a purpose?
  • Do you have plans to diversify into different technologies? If so, can your current system support your expansion?
  • Is an R2 certification in your future? If so, do you have the required level of transparency?

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The reVESTED Difference

The reVESTED solution has what no other recycling software solution can offer: a consolidated business management platform with a comprehensive financial management system. Explore the reVESTED difference, and you will find the last software solution you will ever need.



The Vested Group has spent years working in the electronics recycling, refurbishing, and redistributing industry. Our team has a deep understanding of your business and the solutions you need to get the job done.



Enjoy the benefit of years of development and design refinement we have put into the reVESTED solution. Does the design need a bit of tweaking to suit your business? No problem - the NetSuite platform is easily customized.



The reVESTED cloud-based solution frees you from IT hardware maintenance, software updates and data security headaches. And, running your business on the cloud means you can work anywhere you have an internet connection.



Relationship Management Made Easy

The reVESTED Agreements and Settlements module allows electronics refurbishing, recycling, and redistributing companies to easily maintain relationships and agreement details between the organization and equipment providers. This module allows you to effortlessly oversee contracts, process charges, and calculate settlements. This module also paves the way for the electronic delivery of detailed product information making communication between your organization and your vendors easier and more accurate.

Agreement Cataloging

Settlement Calculation

Processing of Fees

Electronic Data Transfer

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Complete Life-Cycle Product Tracking

End-of-life electronic products enter your building by the truckload on a daily basis, and you need to quickly and easily evaluate each piece that comes through the door. The reVESTED Triage and Audit module allows you to receive these products, identify the grade or condition of the products, capture the specific attributes of each product, and determine how each product will be processed reVESTED enables you to efficiently track each piece through its entire life cycle with confidence and accuracy.

Item Receipt

Condition Grading

Attribute Capture

Evaluation Tracking

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Decision Making Made Easy

Determining whether you should refurbish or recycle products that come into your organization requires accuracy and consistency in tracking and data visibility.  The reVESTED Refurbish and Repair module allows you to focus on efficiently processing products rather than focus on the software and systems you use to track these items.

Receipt Automation

Product Classification Tracking

Detailed Reporting

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A Unique Warehouse Solution for a Unique Warehouse


The warehouse of an electronics refurbishing, recycling, and redistributing company is no ordinary warehouse. The challenges you face and business needs you have to accommodate create process flows like no other industry. We have an intimate understanding of this and created reVESTED with these unique needs in mind.

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The reVESTED Warehouse Management Solution

The reVESTED warehouse and inventory management for electronics software module makes it easy to manage all assets and activities, including:



Track and manage your data destruction activities with confidence. Easy reporting supports certification requirements.



LPN (License Plate Number) record automation simplifies the selling and transferring of palletized inventory.



The reVESTED solution also manages products that fall somewhere between recycling and refurbishing - products that can be used for parts.



Begin With the End in Mind

Whether you end up reselling or recycling the products that come to you, reVESTED makes tracking and reporting on the results of your inventory disposition easy and transparent. With the reVESTED Distribution and Recycling module, you have product status visibility across multiple channels including wholesale, auction, resale, and recycling. This module also includes a detailed inventory search tool that allows your inventory agents to view exactly what you have on hand by specific attributes.

The Benefits of Using reVESTED ITAD Software for Electronics Recycling

reVESTED provides electronics waste recyclers with state-of-the-art tools and technology designed to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and boost long-term profitability. It's an all-encompassing e-waste management software platform that you can customize to fit your business and continually modify to accommodate growth.

This software is user-friendly, easy to learn and built on the NetSuite platform. You can use it to take advantage of multiple benefits, including:

  • Automation: reVESTED will help you automate tasks and eliminate multiple manual processes. The software helps prevent input errors, save time, decrease labor demands and reduce the paperwork you produce.
  • Compliance: The resources provided through our different software modules help you track and compile the necessary information for generating and submitting reports, helping you stay compliant with state and federal agencies.
  • Transparency: Our cloud-based ITAD software gives you a comprehensive overview of your facility, inventory, assets, processes and customers. You'll have a better handle on what's going on and be able to make decisions faster.
  • Profitability: With reVESTED, you can slash many unnecessary costs from your overhead budget. You can also use the software to identify opportunities for additional savings, take advantage of them and track the impact of your decisions.

Take the opportunity to harness the power of reVESTED. Contact us today and let's save the world together.

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