NetSuite offers significant advantages to companies of all sizes working in oil, gas and energy. At The Vested Group, we help you leverage these advantages to your greatest benefit with a customized package tailored to meet your unique needs.


Operate at Your Peak

As anyone in the oilfield and industrial services industry knows, you are often at the mercy of the market.  You can't control the price of oil or other relative industry factors, but you can take control of your technology platform. The right technology can enable business process efficiency, decrease revenue leakage and allow your organization to survive and thrive regardless of overall economic conditions. Let The Vested Group help your company assess the current state and get positioned for competitive advantage.

The Vested Group brings solutions to the table that will help your company operate at peak levels.  Technological advancement has driven cost savings and efficiencies to the producers, operators and industrial facilities.  It is time for the service providers involved to embrace technological advancement to achieve the same.  At the core of our solutions offered is NetSuite, the market leader and fastes- growing cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Why NetSuite for Energy Companies?

NetSuite delivers advantages for organizations across multiple industries, but those in oil, gas and energy often stand to gain the most. Oilfield services (OFS) companies deal with dramatic market shifts and changes in demand. The longer it takes to respond, the more challenges you'll face in gaining and keeping market share. NetSuite oil and gas field service software provides the solution.

What Does NetSuite Oil and Gas ERP Software Do?

This oil and gas ERP software streamlines company processes. As a result, you'll be able to weather market changes and even use them as springboards for future growth. The data and insights you gain using NetSuite can help you adapt to the unexpected and make intelligent decision. Here are some of different features you can include in your custom build:

  • Financial management: The cloud-based oilfield accounting services available through NetSuite make it easy to view, track and manage financial data. You'll also get tools for simplifying reporting and compliance obligations.
  • Budgeting and forecasting: You can use NetSuite for OFS companies to consolidate and establish and track budget forecasts. The software also lets you create fictional budgets and test their strength by placing them through fictional scenarios.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM): NetSuite puts you in complete control of your CRM by providing you with a single, streamlined and organized database for storing all your customer data. You get a 360-degree view of your accounts and their activities.
  • Revenue management: This software gives you tools to analyze available data so you can create the packages and services you want to offer, generate and manage invoices, send payment reminders and account for incoming payments.
  • Inventory and supply chain management: Our tailored oil and gas field service software solutions let you view inventory counts and other supply chain data in real-time. It also lets you generate predictions based on sales trends so you can prepare.
  • Cost controls: Other tools in NetSuite can help you optimize procurement processes, saving you time and reducing overhead. You can also monitor and control spending more easily.

Why Partner With The Vested Group?

Working with The Vested Group to optimize your business management system will allow your organization to enjoy many key benefits:
  • Modern ERP & Field Service based system in the cloud that allows your company to focus on your business, not your technology infrastructure.
  • Seamlessly operate one or multiple legal entities in as many locations and countries as desired while viewing real-time information and metrics on your business performance at any level.
  • Manage equipment rental agreements, pricing, billing and operations using a single interface to simplify and automate processes, eliminating costly errors and ensuring you always have the machinery you need.
  • Electronically exchange transaction information with customers and vendors as required, so you can avoid potential conflicts, maintain strong relationships and keep satisfaction levels high.
  • Scale your business without having to scale your administrative headcount in unison, NetSuite oil and gas ERP software is entirely cloud-based and adaptable to your needs.
  • Quickly assimilate acquisitions into the platform and efficiently manage divestitures as needed using the included resources, a simple user interface and support from our expert team.
  • Achieve agility to adapt to market and customer needs.  Changing or adopting new business processes does not need to be lengthy or cost-prohibitive.
  • Receive competent and timely on-going support services as needed after go-live from our dedicated support team through our inVESTED support program to keep your NetSuite implementation optimized.

Hear What Customers are Saying:


"We needed a rapid deployment of NetSuite for a roll-up acquisition of oilfield service companies that were on disparate systems.  The promised solution was delivered on time and on budget.  It allowed us to have real-time visibility to business performance at any level."

Ken Watler
Private Equity Sponsor


"The Vested Group was able to deliver a rapid NetSuite implementation and standardize our platform acquisition companies.  They also displayed a solid understanding of the industry. We are now in position to scale the business and assimilate new acquisitions along the way."

Alex B.
Private Equity Sponsor


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