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By unifying operations, providing real-time visibility, and automating processes, the NetSuite platform enables businesses to deliver personalized experiences, optimize inventory management, and streamline order processing across various channels. We understand the unique challenges faced by companies in the health and wellness industry. The Vested Group can address all the needs of your business and more, including:


Effortlessly manage subscriptions, ensuring timely deliveries, personalized offers, and increased customer retention rates.


Manage, track, and reward affiliates seamlessly. Harness the power of partnerships to increase brand visibility and capture new markets.


Seamlessly integrate with third-party logistics partners, optimizing your supply chain and ensuring timely deliveries.


Manage multiple sales channels from a centralized platform. Seamlessly synchronize inventory, orders, and customer data.


Versatile ecommerce services across platforms such as NetSuite SuiteCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and more.


Reduce the risk of license and regulation related issues with our comprehensive document tracking system.

Why Partner With The Vested Group to Get Started With NetSuite?

At The Vested Group, we're proud to be NetSuite's 2022 Partner of the Year. Your NetSuite experience is more than just a project for us. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is invested in your success. We'll get your company up and running with NetSuite in as little as 60 days. After that, our dedicated support team guides you through the transition with additional coaching and education — so you walk away a NetSuite expert.

But even after you're successfully up and running with NetSuite, we won't leave you hanging. You can partner with our inVESTED PRO team and we'll continue to address your needs and optimize your NetSuite and related software. An account team that is familiar with you, your business and your goals can help you implement new modules, import legacy data and much more.

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As a dedicated NetSuite solution provider, we understand the unique challenges faced by companies in the health and wellness industry. Our team will help you hit the ground running with NetSuite's integrated, all-in-one business suite. Contact us online or call 972-429-9025 today to discover more or request a free demo.



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