Benefits of Working with a NetSuite Partner

Thinking of purchasing NetSuite? Find out why licensing through a partner is the way to go:

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Your Success – It’s a Given

Your implementation will be a success when you work with a NetSuite partner like The Vested Group – there’s no way around it.  Your relationship with us is personalized and accessible. It begins with pre-project planning and continues through ongoing support, post-implementation and beyond.

Your success is as important to us as it is to you and you will see this in every step of your project. Your NetSuite experience is so much more than just a project to us – we incorporate coaching, education, and skills transfer into every project and make sure you end up the expert. A happy, referenceable client is the goal of every NetSuite implementation we do, and the biggest winner in this equation is you. 

Your Roadmap – Clear & Concise

How do you organize for a successful project? As an experienced NetSuite Partner, we share leading practices and will be the compass that guides you through your NetSuite implementation.  Timeline and efficiency are a top priority, so your project remains focused without sacrificing clarity.

You want to work with a team that is best suited for your industry and has experience in the right areas.  You’ll find NetSuite partners like The Vested Group have a reputation for deep, industry-specific expertise which makes finding the best match for your organization easier. 

When you work with a NetSuite partner, you have the freedom to choose the partner whose experience suits you best. We are known for our expertise in Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Field Services, Oil & Gas, and, of course, electronic waste recycling (ITAD).  Not what you're looking for? We can recommend a partner who is!


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Your Options - Endless

Wondering if you are being sold to?  Working with a NetSuite partner ensures your subscription is configured correctly – it’s about what’s best for your business, not about what a software sales rep needs to sell.

Need more than NetSuite? Almost no technology stands alone, and The Vested Group can be a trusted advisor in every sense.  We are familiar with the technology and integrations that work best with NetSuite so you can also count on us for unbiased guidance when choosing complementary technology or addressing additional challenges.

Concerned about choosing the wrong team? If you are unhappy with the NetSuite Partner you choose, you can always switch to working with a different partner or even with NetSuite Direct. However, when you make a commitment to NetSuite Direct, you are locked in.  

Your Reassurance

One common misconception is that NetSuite Direct can offer better pricing on your NetSuite license.  This is actually not true. NetSuite Partners like The Vested Group have access to the same pricing and discounts that NetSuite Direct has and we work closely with our NetSuite Channel Manager on a daily basis.  In other words, our NetSuite rep provides the exact same access to NetSuite as a Direct rep.  If you are looking for a direct line to NetSuite – you’ve found that in The Vested Group! 

Are you worried about making the investment in NetSuite licensing and implementation?  Many NetSuite partners, including The Vested Group, have multiple financing options available.


You've already chosen the product you want to work with - NetSuite.  Now it's time to choose the people you want to work with - The Vested Group. Reach out to The Vested Group when you're ready!

Not sure how to choose your ideal NetSuite Partner?

Download the Partner Selection Checklist below and ask the right questions!

Your NetSuite Partner Checklist:

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We look forward to getting to know you!

What does it mean to be a NetSuite Partner? 

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