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NetSuite is the leading cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution. This software has much to offer for businesses of any shape and size. Each configuration can be built from the ground up to match specific business models or you may choose a SuiteSuccess option that allows for a more rapid installation based on preconfigured settings. NetSuite is entirely scalable to deliver the features you need at an excellent value.


NetSuite Industry Verticals

What industries use ERP software? Industry-specific ERP examples vary across the board. The technology is ideal for any business looking to collect more data, analyze more insights and streamline company processes. NetSuite offers the highest number of capabilities of any ERP. This software lets you combine all your essential functions into a unified, easy-to-use platform configured to meet your specific needs.



Oilfield Services

NetSuite ERP solutions for oil and gas companies let you harness a wide range of data. We will implement a tailored solution you can use to operate at peak efficiency and take advantage of multiple other benefits, like increased process efficiency and decreased revenue leakage. Our team will help you use these tools to grow and thrive in this challenging market.



If you work in distribution, our NetSuite integrations will provide you with many valuable advantages. With these capabilities, you can take better control over multiple processes and get better organizational visibility. Some of the top benefits our team can help you unlock include using NetSuite to lower costs, improve inventory controls, track orders and gain better margins.

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Electronic Reuse and Distribution

We offer specialized services for businesses in electronics recycling. With our reVESTED program, you gain a flexible solution that meets complex industry requirements. We'll help you utilize NetSuite to manage your entire electronics refurbishing, recycling and redistribution operations. Our team will configure your system and integrate diverse technologies and processes to provide you with more visibility, clarity and transparency.

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Manufacturing The Vested Group


At The Vested Group, we have over 30 years of experience serving clients in the manufacturing sector. Our services extend to producers manufacturing virtually all types of goods. We provide solutions that streamline and simplify a wide range of company processes, including: Planning, Scheduling, Forecasting, Production, Warehousing, Inventory Controls, Invoicing, and Customer Resource Management.

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Office Wide Tight

Professional Services

Our NetSuite solutions for the professional services sector are suited for companies ranging from small startups to massive firms spanning multiple locations. We'll scale your system to deliver the features and access you need, helping you develop better data collection and visibility across your organizational functions. Top advantages include increased profitability, lower costs, simplified budgeting and improved tracking.

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Grain Milling

Our firm has extensive experience providing NetSuite integrations for companies in grain milling and related agricultural industries. We've worked with many enterprises in this sector to develop solutions that provide the functionality businesses in this industry need, like better inventory controls, advanced billing resources and tools for tracking incoming and outgoing shipments.

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If you're considering adopting NetSuite into your organization, The Vested Group will provide you with complete guidance from initial planning through ongoing support. We are a NetSuite partner capable of helping you create, implement and utilize this software to its full potential so you can achieve yours.

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