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NetSuite Solutions Created by TVG

Our in-house development team has created many NetSuite solutions to improve the business processes of current clients.

Below is a sample of some of the tailor-made solutions TVG has built to meet the unique needs of our NetSuite users. If something you see here sounds like it may be useful to your organization as well, contact us today.

Emailing Multiple Contacts on Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices

Standard NetSuite functionality only provides for the emailing of documents to one email address. The Vested Group has created a solution that allows NetSuite users to send quotes, sales orders, and invoices to multiple addresses within one transaction.

Key Features:

  • Customized field and scripting allows for multiple email addresses to be used in document sending.
  • Ability to choose which contacts receive selected documents.
  • Manual copying of documents to multiple email addresses is eliminated.
  • Ability to assign default email templates by transaction type
  • View demo video for full details.

Consolidated Invoicing

Do you generate multiple invoices each month for a single customer? Do you have customers with multiple locations that you would like to send one consolidated invoice to? Are you spending countless hours manually combining these invoices? Are you certain your manual process is capturing all of the correct data and your invoices are being accurately paid and applied?
If these scenarios sound familiar, The Vested Group's Consolidated Invoicing is the solution you have been searching for.

The Vested Group has developed this automated solution for invoice consolidation that allows businesses to quickly and easily combine multiple invoices to print and send to a customer. Our Consolidated Invoicing customization not only improves your customers' experience but also creates greater efficiency and data accuracy for your business.

Key Features:

  • Flexibility to mark specific customers as "eligible for invoice consolidation"
  • Visibility to all open and unconsolidated invoices for chosen customers at your fingertips
  • Ability to consolidate invoices on both the customer and sub-customer level
  • Flexibility to select specific invoices for consolidation
  • Ability to print one consolidated invoice with all the underlying data (either summary level or detail level) for the “child” invoices
  • Ability to apply one payment to all invoices on the consolidated invoice
  • Automated accounting for partial invoice payment
  • Complete transactional visibility from invoice to consolidated invoice to payment
  • Fully customizable to meet your unique requirements



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Intercompany Vendor Bill Management

The Intercompany Vendor Bill Management solution automates the allocation of expense or item lines to multiple subsidiaries.  Native NetSuite functionality restricts the accounting entries on vendor bills to a single subsidiary and does not permit the distribution of expenses to other subsidiaries. 
Our Intercompany Vendor Bill Management solution is designed to bridge this gap and automate the recording of intercompany journal entries to distribute expenses to multiple subsidiaries.

Key Features

  • A new custom field called “I/C Subsidiary” will be added to capture the subsidiary at the line level of the vendor bill and vendor bill credit transactions
  • Upon vendor bill entry, the AP staff entering the bill will enter one line for each subsidiary to receive a portion of the overall expense.  If the line in question requires intercompany distribution, the applicable I/C Subsidiary will be selected at the line level.
  • When the vendor bill approval status is updated to “Approved”, an intercompany journal entry will be automatically created to distribute expenses to the subsidiaries in question.
  • The Journals created will be linked on the line level of the vendor bill/vendor bill credit transaction to allow for greater drill-down and audit capabilities
  • This solution works with both expense and item line types
  • Built-in currency conversion automatically handles multi-currency subsidiaries
  • Automated validation of department class and location

Return & Replace

If your organization manages the replacement or repair of items you sell or service, tracking and executing this process is simplified with TVG’s Product Replacement & Repair Management solution.  

This solution allows NetSuite users to easily assign inventory items to case records created as part of your service request process.  Communication between the NetSuite user and their customer is streamlined, while the movement of related inventory items (return, replacement shipment, etc.) is fully automated.

Key Features:

  • Inventory items are easily attached to a NetSuite case record based on the needs of the case
  • Supporting transactions (return, replacement, etc) are automatically initiated via a NetSuite workflow
  • Capable of RMA tracking 
  • Works with both B2B and B2C organizations
  • The fields and data related to this solution flow are fully customizable by the NetSuite user
  • This solution eliminates the need for many repetitive transactions
  • Can be tied to any transaction type or any custom record type without code change

Importing Invoices from Third Party Applications

Organizations that receive invoice information from third parties can save time and money by using The Vested Group’s automatic import enhancement. 

Key Features:

  • Automatically aggregates line level transaction information from third parties eliminating need for manual data manipulation
  • Eliminates need for third party file format consistency
  • Resolves import file size limitations imposed by NetSuite
  • Provides significant reduction in time needed to generate customer invoices
  • Identifies exceptions, promoting data integrity

Margin Calculations

Allows the company to immediately calculate the gross margin amount and percentage for an item at the line level on the sales order or quote.

Key Features:

  • Provides the gross margin amount percentage at the line level.
  • Calculates gross margin amounts immediately after line items have been entered on a sales order or quote.
  • Standard NetSuite functionality only provides this information after the record has been saved.