DEI Council

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Vested Group seeks to develop and maintain a team of innovative, diverse, and collaborative individuals. Being open-minded about new ways to recruit, motivate, and retain employees is essential to continually fulfill this commitment.

The Vested Group is committed to encouraging a workplace rich in differences such as background, heritage, and experiences.


What difference is the DEI Council making at The Vested Group?

Building a talented, dedicated, and diverse staff where individual differences are respected and appreciated.

Educating employees and facilitating conversation regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion within The Vested Group and our communities.

Facilitating/improving communication throughout The Vested Group by enabling channels of communication where employees can freely share different opinions and beliefs without fear of retaliation.

Motivating employees to reach their highest potential and to make their greatest contribution to The Vested Group.

Acknowledging implicit biases and work to continually eliminate them from all individual actions and company systems, policies, and practices.

Increase diverse and inclusive initiatives and relationships outside of The Vested Group.

Meet The Vested Group's DEI Council: