Have you heard of tvgYOU?

tvgYOU offers DFW-based high school graduates the unique opportunity to become IT consultants through a non-traditional path!

Develop yourself into an IT consultant over the course of a two-year training program by learning about business, the consulting industry, and The Vested Group.

"We are excited to bring our 'Best Job Ever' mentality to our local community and support the next generation in a unique way."
- Joel Patterson, Founder

Upon completion, tvgYOU employees will transition into a full-time consulting role and commit to continued employment with The Vested Group.


Job Duties:
  • Take and pass courses (primarily business with some elective options) at Collin College (paid for by The Vested Group)
  • Participate in TVG-specific training (i.e., consulting methodology and best practices)
  • Understand and embody company core values
  • Gain consulting experience through working on real projects
  • Provide feedback and suggestions to continuously improve the tvgYOU program

Skills & Qualifications:

  • High school graduate with access to transportation
  • Enthusiastic and highly motivated
  • Basic computer skills (Microsoft Office)
  • Willingness and desire to learn and grow professionally and personally


  • Full time employment (salary, full benefits, 401k)
  • Start a career in IT
  • College courses*
  • Real world experience
  • Company culture
  • Professional and personal development

*Disclaimer: While tvgYOU does include the benefit of attending some college courses,
this opportunity does NOT result in a college degree. 

The Vested Group is no longer accepting applications for our Fall 2023 class.
If you are interested in applying for future classes or learning more about tvgYOU,
please submit the form below.