Have you heard of tvgYOU?

The Vested Group University offers DFW-based high school graduates the unique opportunity to become IT consultants through a non-traditional path!

Develop yourself into an IT consultant over the course of a two-year training program by learning about business, the consulting industry, and The Vested Group.

Upon graduation from The Vested Group University, tvgYOU employees will transition into a full-time consulting role and commit to continued employment with The Vested Group.


Job Duties:
  • Take and pass courses (primarily business with some elective options) at Collin College (paid for by The Vested Group)
  • Participate in TVG-specific training (i.e., consulting methodology and best practices)
  • Understand and embody company core values
  • Gain consulting experience through working on real projects
  • Provide feedback and suggestions to continuously improve the tvgYOU program

Skills & Qualifications:

  • High school graduate with access to transportation
  • Enthusiastic and highly motivated
  • Basic computer skills (Microsoft Office)
  • Willingness and desire to learn and grow professionally and personally


  • Full time employment (salary, full benefits, 401k)
  • Start a career in IT
  • College courses
  • Real world experience
  • Company culture
  • Professional and personal development

*Disclaimer: While tvgYOU does include the benefit of attending some college courses,
this opportunity does NOT result in a college degree.