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NetSuite and Inventory Adjustment Approvals

Learn all about The Vested Group’s Inventory Adjustment Approvals solution in our upcoming webinar! The Inventory Adjustment Approvals solution gives you the ability to review and approve an inventory adjustment request prior to making an impact on your inventory levels. This gives you the added control to ensure that the quantities being adjusted in or out are correct prior to creating the actual inventory adjustment.Built for NetSuite Approved!

Deleting an inventory adjustment to fix one or two lines can be very time-consuming. When using our solution, you will have the ability to catch issues with adjustments prior to the transaction being created which gives you more control and accurate inventory levels.

Key Features:

  • Inventory adjustment requests are a step before the actual inventory adjustment.
  • Items and quantities can be updated prior to approval for discrepancies found in original counts.
  • Ability to utilize the CSV import functionality to create the inventory adjustment requests that remove the need for manual entry.


NetSuite and SuiteAnalytics

Watch this informative webinar to learn all about SuiteAnalytics including:  

  • Workbook Functionality - create workbooks on the fly to quickly inform business decisions.
  • Create Pivots - make pivot tables directly from your dataset.
  • Executive Dashboards - easily create visual representations of your data. 
  • And more!


NetSuite and SuiteApprovals

With the customizable properties of SuiteApprovals, you can ensure that only authorized individuals can edit, approve, reject, and resubmit records for approval. You can create approval rules, each consisting of a set of criteria and approval hierarchy, to implement the validation and approval routing of these records.

SuiteApprovals enables you to set up employee and general amount limits to determine if a transaction record requires approval. You can choose to route records through hierarchical approval or custom approval, with the option to delegate approval authority.

In this webinar, you will learn all about SuiteApprovals including:  

  • Approval Types
  • Approval Rules
  • Delegating Approvers
  • And more!



Remote Close NetSuite with Floqast

The Vested Group and FloQast will share common client challenges and strategies for streamlining the month-end close on NetSuite by empowering your staff to close the books without the need to micromanage. Also, learn firsthand from a client of The Vested Group who will share their experiences and what they did to speed their close and improve its accuracy.

View this webinar to learn how to:

  • Maximize team efficiency by connecting your people, process, documents, and reconciliations all in the cloud using NetSuite
  • Leverage the unique strengths of a remote working experience with cloud-based tools
  • Identify opportunities for ongoing improvements with actionable analytics using NetSuite and close management software


Navigate Supply Chain Disruptions with The Vested Group and Blue Ridge

The Vested Group teams up with Blue Ridge to talk about tips and tricks for success - even when you are challenged with supply chain disruptions. This webinar covers valuable how-tos, including:

  • Maximize team efficiency by connecting your people, plans, and process execution all in the cloud using NetSuite
  • Improve visibility to trends and patterns to proactively plan and position inventory
  • Respond appropriately and rapidly to disruptions to typical demand & typical supply flows
  • Free up cash and strengthen the cash position of the company
  • Tips for leveraging data for supplier negotiations
  • Utilize pricing strategies for low hanging profit & revenue improvement
  • Understand the value of Sales and Operations Planning to manage disruption
  • Identify opportunities for ongoing improvements with actionable analytics using NetSuite and Supply Chain Planning software


Gallup Strengths Finder Explored, with Heidi Convery

The Vested Group has been working with Heidi for almost three years now and we have seen a tremendous amount of growth in our employees thanks to Heidi's Strengths coaching. We are excited to announce that we are teaming up with her to offer a free Strengths webinar! In this webinar, you will explore your Strengths and learn how to work within your Strengths zone to give you the best results in times of challenge and change.

In this webinar, you can hear Heidi talk about:

  • How to actually apply your Strengths - that StrengthsFinder report is more than just words on a page!
  • Communication Enhancements (Manager to Employee, Employee to Employee)
  • Business/Team Decisions (Building the most successful small teams, creating moments for employees to flourish)
  • Navigating Transition by understanding your Strengths
  • Create a successful work environment for you and your team during challenging or remote working times


Your Business Plan in Unusual Times: DSRO | Defense Stabilize Reset Offense

Marshall Martin of PETRA Coach hosts this excellent webinar that covers the four-step DSRO process for mitigating loss in your business and planning for intentional action that will ensure your business overcomes the disruption and prepares for the upturn – better and stronger than before.

Partner Tournament of Champions | Championship Match

Join The Vested Group and a full roster of partners as they demo their solutions and battle it out for the Championship title.  If you think product demos are boring, you haven't seen the Partner Tournament of Champions.  Partners brought their A-game for a hilarious take on the madness in March!


Partner Tournament of Champions | Finale 4



Partner Tournament of Champions | Top 10 Drop the Mic Moments


The Leader Ship Video Podcast Series

Hosts Joel Patterson, Cedric Carter, Chris Johnson, Hillary Patterson, and Jonny Zielinski talk to various business leaders (and future leaders in the Kids Editions!) about why we work and more!