Your Roadmap: Phase Zero


Phase Zero is a project roadmap and unique service offered by The Vested Group, designed to ensure your company has a successful implementation. Phase Zero is specifically structured to walk your organization through the planning and analysis steps that will identify current processes, define and prioritize system requirements, create a process flow model to inform the implementation of your new system, and review you company’s legacy data and conversion needs to ensure success.

Our consultants typically spend 2-3 days of the project on-site with your business during the Phase Zero stage. The remaining time will be spent creating agreed-upon deliverables and finalizing recommendations.

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Typical Phase Zero Agenda

    • DAY ONE

    • • Project Kickoff 8-9am
      • Signature Process
      • Brainstorming 9-11am
      • Legacy Data Review 1-2:30pm
      • Sig Process #1 3-5pm

    • DAY TWO

    • • Sig Process #2 9-11am
      • Sig Process #3 1-3pm
      • Project Management & Scheduling/
         Resourcing 4-5pm


    • • Sig Process #4 9-11am
      • Legacy Data Review 1-2pm
      • Sig Process #5 3-5pm

    • DAY FOUR

    • • Data review
      • Data consolidation +deliverable creation
      • Presentation of findings + framework for
         upcoming implementation


    • • Phase Zero Kickoff Presentation
      • Signature Process Assessment
      • Data Conversion Strategy
      • Project Schedule
      • Project Management Plan (initiated)
      • Risk Management Plan (initiated)